2005 TAF Humanities Achievement Award


Dr. Paul Jen-kuei Li


Paul Jen-kuei Li (Ph.D. University of Hawai'i at Manoa)?br> Director, Institute of Linguistics (Preparatory Office), Academia Sinica (1997-2000)
President/Linguistic Society of Taiwan (1998-2000)
Associate Director, Institute of
History and Philology, Academia Sinica (1990-1993)
Director and professor. Graduate Institute of Linguistics, National Tsing Hua University (1986-1989)


Professor Li has long been widely recognized as a foremost leader in Austronesian languages of Formosa. For the past three decades, Professor Li has devoted all his efforts to the trail-blazing works covering Formosan languages, not only the languages that are still spoken, but also the written documents of languages that have become extinct. His thirty years of patient research have culminated in a brilliant success. Thanks to his fruitful researches, Taiwan is now generally believed to be the most likely origin of the Austronesian Family. An even more important contribution of his, however, is in education. Over the past years, in the midst of his laborious academic tasks, Professor Li has trained numerous young investigators. Almost all researchers within this field in Taiwan are his students. With such a well-trained research force, the study of Austronesian .languages of Formosa has vigorously flourished in recent years and has profoundly influenced a wide range of subjects such as archaeology, anthropology, Taiwan history, and race music in addition to linguistics.


Dr. Li was recipient of several prestigious awards: Distinguished Research Honorary Award for Science and Technology by the Executive Yuan 2002, Distinguished Research Award by the National Science Council 1987, 1995, 1998, 2000, Humanities and Social Sciences Academic Award by the Ministry of Education 1998, Significant Contributions to Formosan Language Studies Award by the Ministry of Education 1996.


Dr. Li’s major contributions and research area are in Austronesian linguistics and Southern Min dialect of Chinese; author of Rukai Structure (1973), Rukai Texts (1975), The Formosan Tribes and Languages in I-lan (in Chinese, 1996), Formosan Languages in Kaohsiung (in Chinese, 1997), The History of Formosan Aborigines: Linguistic Perspective (in Chinese, 1999), Pazih Dictionary (co-author with Shigeru Tsuchida, 2001), Pazih Texts and Songs (co-author with Shigeru Tsuchida, 2002), Selected Papers on Formosan Languages (2004); editor of several symposium volumes and monographs, including Formosan and Its Inhabitants by  Joseph B. Steere with an introduction by Paul Li (2002), English-Favorlang Vocabulary by Naoyoshi Ogawa with an introduction by Paul Li (2003), and A Comparative Vocabulary of Formosan Languages and Dialects by Naoyoshi Ogawa with an introduction by Paul Li (forthcoming, 2005).