At the celebration of the establishment
Of the foundation on Nov. 21, 1982


Ladies and gentlemen,

    On this day of November 21st, 1982, I, Kenjohn Wang , would like to formally announce the establishment of the Taiwanese-American Foundation. Due to the fact that I have not yet reached my retirement age, many of my friends thought that I could have used the one million dollar contribution to make more financial investments. Yet, to me, making an investment in helping my fellow outstanding Taiwanese people is far more meaningful than anything else.

    I still recall, during the Second World War, life as a child was really difficult in Taiwan which was under bombardment of American airplanes. But my mother always shared whatever we had with the poor in our neighborhood. She told us, "No man is an island; If only our neighbors are at peace then we can be at peace. " Not until I grew up and received a lot of help from my friends, did I realize what she meant by that.

    I am not very rich, still I tried my best to contribute to the Foundation based on one idea which is derived from what my mother said earlier -- if only Taiwan is at peace then we the people of Taiwan can be at peace. If only our outstanding Taiwanese accomplishments continue, then our next generation can count on a bright future. I'd like to take this rare opportunity to express my gratitude to, first of all, my mother and the free American society that endowed me with the tremendous chance to have made it; and last, to my dear friends who have supported me, helped me and even fought side-by-side with me. I see many of them are here tonight to share with me the founding of this meaningful foundation. To mention some of them: my friends in the Taiwanese innkeepers association, my friends in the Taiwanese Senior Association (Taiwanese-American Affiliated Committee On Aging), my friends in the Taiwanese Credit Union, my friends American-Taiwanese Chamber Of Commerce, my friends from the Asia Journal, and my friends in the Taiwanese Association and many other related organizations. Most of all, I owe it to my family, my wife, Jacqueline, my sons, Kenneth, John and Michael, without them everything today would not be possible, When I shared with them my aspirations,they fully supported my proposal, and my sons said to me, "Dad, you did a right thing!"

   Well, my dear friends and distinguished guests, I have never felt happier than tonight in my life. I have experienced and witnessed the truth that "helping others is the foundation of happiness." I need your continuous support for the Taiwanese-American foundation, which belongs to all of you. Thank you!