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A Word from Founder


Kenjohn Wang

Jacqueline Wang

   Mr. Kenjohn Wang and Mrs. Jacqueline Wang, founders of the Taiwanese-American Foundation, ware both born in Dadao Cheng, Taipei. Mr. Wang was born in 1931. His grandfather Mr. Wang Yen was a successful businessman and a well-known millionaire in Dadao Cheng. However, Mr. Wang lost his father at the age of eight. With his independent personality, he sought no advantage from his inherited wealth since his childhood. Through earning from part-time jobs, he graduated from Taiping Elementary School, Taipei Second Middle School, and Chung Hsing University. After military service, he worked as a government auditor in the Tax Audit Division, Taipei Hsien, as a translator in US Military Advisory, as employees in a trading company and in a pharmaceutical company. Later he founded Kenjohn Trading Co., Ltd. and built the foundation for his future successful entrepreneurial career. In 1968, an English daily newspaper, China Post in Taiwan published a special report, praising him as a brilliant young-generation entrepreneur in Taiwan. 

     Mrs. Jacqueline Wang graduated from The Second Girl High School in Taipei, Providence University in Taichung with a BS degree in foreign language and the University of Maryland campus of Taiwan. Mrs. Wang worked in American School for five years and married Mr. Kenjohn Wang. She comes from an influential Taiwanese family with scholar background. Because of her diplomacy skill and hospitable nature, she is apt to make friends and assists her husband in his business. She loves music and enjoys and excels in playing tennis and golf. 

     Mr. and Mrs. Wang and their family immigrated to the States in 1973. Knowing that they would have to establish their career in a new country, both of them went back to business school, engaged in hotel and real estate investment and management. With a profound vision and keen observation in addition to his diligence in business and endless support from Jacqueline, Mr. Wang created his new business empire in the US and became famous in both Taiwan and the US.  Later, his investments extended into shopping mall, banking, insurance, trading, children's education, health club and others. All businesses became great successes and made him a mystical hero in the Taiwanese American community. 

     After reaching much success in his business ventures and with a loving heart toward his motherland, Taiwan, Mr. Wang has many times over applied his wealth and capacities to pay back the communities of Taiwanese Americans, Chinese Americans and mainstream America. He has been well known for his outspoken and generous manner. Mrs. Wang also possesses great leadership skills. Besides helping Kenjohn in his business, she trained herself to become a successful female executive and an active philanthropic patron. She enrolled in the training school of Ramada Inn and at one time managed the Ramada Inn, Long Beach by herself. Her management of the Ramada Inn was so successful that she became Woman of the Year in the national publication of Ramada Inn in 1980. 

     In 1980. Mr. Wang founded Asian Business, a weekly journal in Los Angeles. The journal wrote articles criticizing the political circles and their policies of the then Taiwanese government, advocated and assisted fellow Taiwanese to melt into mainstream America.  The journal became a vocal instrument for overseas Taiwanese. In the same year, Mr. Wang rallied united support from all Taiwanese societies in Los Angeles to sponsor a $100,000 fund raising dinner party for Senator Edward Kennedy for President. The event was the first in the kind in Taiwanese community and won great praise from Senator Kennedy who eventually became a leading supporter in the Senate for the Taiwanese movement. In 1981, with Kennedy's support, Congress passed the resolution to raise the Taiwanese immigrant quota to twenty thousands. On his 51th birthday in 1982, Mr. and Mrs. Wang donated one million dollars to found Taiwanese-American Foundation. Setting a goal to promote and recognize outstanding Taiwanese, the Foundation was praised and known as the Nobel Prize of Taiwanese. The Foundation granted three awards in Science and Technology, Humanity and Social Service.  Mrs. Wang served as the President of the Foundation for three years (1983 through 1986).  In 1985, Mr. Wang served as catalyst in the establishment of Memorial Prize of Guo Yuh Shing for Peace. Through his advocacy in 1988, the apartment building for the Senior Center of Taiwanese in Southern California was finally completed.

     Both Mr. and Mrs. Wang have been very active in civil service and are widely recognized by Taiwanese and mainstream America communities. Mr. Wang served for four years as President of the Taiwan Hotel & Motel Association of Southern California, three terms totaling six years as President of the Taiwanese American Chamber of Commerce of Southern California, the fifth President of the Lionís Club of China Town. In 1988, President Reagan awarded Kenjohn as one of the recipients of the Asian Pacific Ten year Achievement Prize.  Kenjohn has also won the Asian Pacific Social Service Award, sponsored by University of Southern California. In 1988, he was elected as the founding National President of the North America Taiwanese American Commerce. In 1990, he attended the National Policy Assembly as an overseas dissident. He also served as National President of FAPA, Honorary President of the Taiwanese Senior Association, CEO of Wang Partnership, CEO of Kenjohn Trading, Honorary CEO of the Taiwan Center in LA. He is currently a member of Overseas Chinese Commission of Taiwan. 

     Other honors and awards of Mr. Kenjohn Wang include:
     1982 Outstanding Service Recognition from City of Los Angeles
     1988 Certificate of Recognition from California State Legislature Assembly
     1988 Commendation from City of Santa Fe Spring
     1991 Family Life Award from Long Beach
     Since 1989, member of Financial committee of Democrat National Committee.

     Not in the shadow of Mr. Wang, in 1983, California State Secretary March Fong Yu awarded Jacqueline an honorary title of California Deputy State Secretary.  In 1986, Jacqueline served as the founding president of the Taiwanese American Golf Association.  Mrs. Wang has served on the Board of Directors of the following organizations: Woman Club of Long Beach, International Woman Entrepreneur Association, Supervisory Committee of Girl Scout of Long Beach and Advisory Committee of International Student. She also served as Honorary President of Taiwanese American Golf Association, Honorary President of Taiwanese Innkeeper Association and trustee of Long Beach Community Hospital. She currently served as General Manager of Wang Partnership.

     Mr. and Mrs. Wang have three sons. Their eldest son, Kenneth graduated from UCLA, majored in architecture. Their second son, John graduated from USC with a degree in business administration. Their third son Michael graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in management and also from Cornell University with a degree in hotel management.  All three are married and successful in their respective careers and have become high executives of Wang Partnership which continues its expansion into hotel, real estate, and high tech investments and management.

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